Understanding Tilted Implantology
using the T.I.I.L.T Technique

Lecturer: Dr. Nitin Ahuja

May 11, 2020

Webinar Online

09:30PM (IST)
12:00PM (EST)
18:00 (CET)
19:00 (ILT)

About the Webinar

Tilted implants are one of the most common treatment available for Full Arch cases with the advantage of immediate loading, but some doctors are still not comfortable with using just only 4/5/6 implants with Tiltimg up to 45 degree. So we worked on a technique -The TiiLT Technique® -which took into consideration 4 aspects namely Bone -Implants - Abutments - Prosthetics and made 10 commandments which will help the surgeon in understanding the basics of tilted implantology and will give him confidence in using Tilted Implants protocol with confidence.
This presentation is an overview of the pros and cons of all the protocols available in the market today and presenting a new evidence based protocol.


Dr. Nitin Ahuja

Dr Nitin Ahuja is a maxillofacial surgeon from India ,he did his fellowship in Cleft surgeries under DCKH Germany and is associated with NORIS Medical since 2012 .

conducts regularly courses on Tilted Implants and is a pioneer in Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants who operates exclusive full mouth cases pan India 

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