a comparison between free-hand and dynamic navigation approach​

Lecturer: Dott. Luigi Stefanelli

Language of the course: English

May 13, 2020

Webinar Online

12:00PM (EST)
18:00 (CET)
19:00 (ILT)

About the Webinar

Despite the cumulative survival rate of endosseus implants with a >10-year follow up exceeds 90%, the insertion of implants in the posterior atrophic jaw is always challenging for the clinician, due to the reduced quantity of available bone, the poor bone quality (low density) and the complex surgical access to this area.
Several techniques have been put forward to overcome such difficulties, e.g. use of tilted implants, maxillary sinus lift, short implnats and zygomatic and pterygoid implants.

The use of pterygoid implants offers several significant benefits:
• No bone grafting;
• No prosthetic cantilever;
• Predictability;
• Stability over time;
• Immediate loading;
• Reduction in costs (for both patient and practitioner).

Although pterygoid implants proved to be a valid restorative option, so far only a few clinicians resorted to them due to their prosthetic and access difficulties and the presence of vital structures in that area.
The use of computer-guided techniques can make the whole process easier; especially the dinamic navigated surgery that allows the clinicians to real-time check the progression of the drill into the bone.
The aim of this webinar is to make a comparison between the free-hand and the dynamic navigation approach in the pterygoid implant surgery, by showing the pros and cons of both techniques.

Dr. Luigi Stefanelli, DDS


Dott. Luigi Stefanelli

Graduation in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

Graduation cum laude in dentistry and prosthetics at “Sapienza” Università di Roma.

P.h.d. in head and maxillofacial diseases at la “Sapienza”  Università di Roma.

Professor at the master in implantology at “Sapienza” Università di Roma since 2014.

Professor at the master in prosthetics at la “Sapienza” Università di Roma since 2015.

Master clinical trainer and opinion leader for Claronav, Navident.

Active member of the Digital Implant and Restorative Academy.

Director of the Dynamic Navigation Society.

Author of numerous papers on guided surgery.

Author of 3 patents on static guided surgery.

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