Live Webinar

EZgoma® Guided Surgery for Zygomatic Implants

Speakers: Dr. Francesco Gallo & Dr. Francesco Zingari

February 4th , 2021

Live Webinar

19:00 (Roma)
20:00 (ILT)

About the Webinar

The EZgoma® guided surgery for zygomatic implants stands for one of the most groundbreaking systems on the dental world stage. The EZgoma® system, combined with the digital workflow, guides drills and implants alike to the correct site in accordance with the case planning, allowing the clinician to achieve excellent results in a predictable and systematic way. Just like the traditional guided surgery, also with EZgoma® the case planning is based on a prosthetic project that orientates the correct implant positioning.

Webinar Objectives

The course will address several major topics like prosthetics, guided surgery and immediate loading.


Pre-op prosthetic stage:

  • Prosthetic preparation of the patient
  • Manufacturing of a digital barium template and an analog-generated template
  • Analysis of the functionalization of the barium template


Pre-op software stage:

  • How to import DICOM files into the guided surgery software
  • How to overlap DICOM and STL files
  • How to import the diagnostic wax up into the guided surgery software
  • How to position zygomatic implants in the software in compliance with the bone volume and the diagnostic wax up


Surgical stage:

  • Surgical technique: incision and decollement of soft tissues and identification of anatomical landmarks
  • How to position and fix the surgical guide
  • How to use the kit for guided surgery
  • Insertion of zygomatic implants


Post-op prosthetic stage:

  • How to detect the scan body position
  • How to keep the vertical dimension from the pre-op to the post-op stage


Overview of the features of the Prosystom digital articulator

Prof. Francesco Zingari, DDS


Dr. Francesco Zingari

Graduation in dentistry and prosthetics at Università degli studi di Milano in 2005.

High school degree at Scuola Odontotecnica di Milano in 1993.

Adjunct professor of prosthetics on zygomatic implants at Università degli Studi di Milano since 2020.

Adjunct professor of implantology at Università degli studi di Parma since 2019.

Freelancer of the maxillofacial division at Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi in Milan since 2005.

Head of the clinical service of ANDE (Italy national association of ectodermal dysplasia) since 2009.

Clinical tutor of the course of surgical anatomy and dissection on anatomical specimens at Wien University from 2007 to 2010.

Speaker of the advanced implantology course at Università di Odontoiatria di Firenze.

Speaker of the II degree master in implantology at Università di Odontoiatria di Parma.

Clinical practice mainly focused on reconstructive surgery, implantology and prosthetics.

Author of national and international scientific publications.

DR. Francesco Gallo


Dr. Francesco Gallo

Graduation in Medicine and Surgery at Università degli Studi di Napoli in 2003.

Specialisation cum laude in Maxillofacial surgery at Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli.

Adjunct professor of zygomatic implantology at Università degli Studi di Milano since 2020.

Member of head and neck cancer surgery division at Istituto Galeazzi in Milan, maxillofacial division at Ospedale Civile in Caserta and ENT division at Ospedale Fatebenefratelli in Milan since 2006.

Clinical freelance activity in several healthcare facilities in Italy. 

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