Complications Associated with
Maxillary Full Arch Procedures


July 21, 2020

Webinar Online

03:00PM (CST)
1:00PM (PDT)
23:00 (ILT)

About The Course

This course will review the complications associated with poorly designed All on 4 maxillary procedures. Prematurely failing implants, especially in the posterior maxillary areas can lead to oroantral communications, significant bone loss requiring multiple revision surgeries, and more advanced dental implant surgical procedures to again provide a successful environment for a fixed hybrid prosthesis long-term.
Surgical procedures to correct oroantral  communications, chronic sinusitis, nasal floor fracture and impingement, and implants placed are migrating into the nasal sinus’, concha and/or palatal structures will be discussed and demonstrated.


  • To understand the proper diagnostic treatment planning procedures to adequately treat the terminal dentition phase, or the edentulous phase of the maxillae
  • To understand the limitations of prosthetic space requirements needed for the various restorative materials used in All on X reconstructive procedures in the maxillary arch, and what sever bone reduction in these cases means for long term success
  • To adequately manage complications associated with failing All on 4, All on X procedures
  • To manage these complications, and offer definitive treatment options to reconstruct these areas for long term prosthetic success



Dr. Petrungaro

Dr. Petrungaro is recognized around the world for his diversified seminars and lectures on advanced periodontal, prosthetic and implant interrelationships, bone re-generation and esthetic tissue formation, the All-on-4® Treatment Concept “surgical protocol”, All-on-6 48 hour Nano-Ceramic Teeth, Zygomatic “Rescue” Implants, the treatment of failing implants, and the reconstruction of previously failed implant cases, immediate restoration of dental implants and the use of platelet rich plasma in bone grafting throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, South America, Central America, and Israel. In addition, he has authored numerous articles covering subjects such as cosmetic bone grafting and esthetic implant procedures.

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