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Lecturer: Dr. Jack T. Krauser

May 29, 2020

Webinar Online

03:00PM (EST)
12:00PM (PDT)

About the Webinar

"This webinar will discuss the concept and protocols of "All On More™". It won't be just a varying number of implants like 4, 5, or X, but rather a protocol that covers the inclusion of advances in surgery from the classic Malo All On 4® concept. Within this concept, Dr. Krauser will also present prosthetic advances, including the original designs and more recent prosthetic schemes. The theme is a philosophy of "Closing the window of negative opportunity" by incorporating these advanced procedures not just for rescue cases but also as a very predictable initial case planning and delivery to achieve outstanding patient outcomes and high degree of patient satisfaction from problematic denture cases, failing previous implant cases and terminal dentition cases.


Dr. Jack T. Krauser

Jack T. Krauser, DMD, has been involved in implant surgical therapy since 1988. Not only was he the first practicing periodontist in Palm Beach County to be trained in osseointegration, the Swedish method that all modern case procedures are based upon, he also has significantly contributed to dental implant advances with his innovations in product design and treatment methodologies. For example, several of his designs are patented and utilized by major American and international implant companies. He has lectured on 6 continents. 

He has coauthored a definitive textbook on the subject, Dental Implants: The Art and Science, by Elsivier publishing. He has achieved the honor of Fellow in the Academy of Osseointegration. He is one of a very small group of clinicians who has been invited to share his thoughts and treatment outcomes with the Food and Drug Administration on the effectiveness of dental implant care administered to the public. There are 4 textbook chapters as well as more than 24 peer-reviewed journal articles on the subject matter. 

As a leader of several global and national implant societies, he has enthusiastically encouraged his colleagues to join learn and share material for the overall growth of the field. Curiously, in this crowded field of talented local clinicians, the 2011 edition of his textbook’s cover depicts a clinical example of the now popular “All-on-Four” clinical procedure and concept. Several cases for truly indigent and needy patients have received pro bono work and care. Finally, he has been featured on the cover of Dentistry Today as one of the top dental educators since 2001.

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