How to

promote your dental clinic

on social media

In a global health crisis, it’s important to keep promoting your practice. But you may need to adjust your approach.

As we all know, the coronavirus has had a significant impact on most market segments, including the dental industry. With governments mandating people to stay at home and placing strict restrictions on mobility outside of the home, many people are now working remotely and conducting business online where possible.
At Noris Medical, we truly understand the complexity of this situation and the way it is affecting dental practices around the world. So we put together some tips to help you mitigate the impact of this global health crisis on your business. All of these recommendations are focused on one main approach: don’t stop marketing your practice, but you may need to change your approach.
What do we mean by change your approach? Well, with most of the population moving to a remote working model, this is a good opportunity for you to build your online presence and ramp-up your social media marketing efforts. This will help you stay visible to potential and existing patients, so that they come to you when the crisis is over. It’s also a good time to establish yourself as an expert in the field and build trust amongst patients by giving online tips about dental health during this period.

To learn more about how to “painlessly” promote your practice on social media and take advantage of the fact that most of your patients are now online, download our eBook here.